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Heart Collection

Fancy, Frilly Purple Heart on Purple Background by Debbie Marie Arambula, Heartworks Gallery, Campbell, CA

Beyond the Boundaries

Multi-colored Hearts making 1 Large Heart | Debbie Arambula

Love Droplets


Lockets of Love

Family Bliss

Sweetheart Heart

Family Love with Flowers

6 Heart Family

Dragonfly Family

Family Love ~ Blue

Family Bliss

Love's Not for Sale

Blooming Abundance

Vive l'Amour

Passion Dance



Dance with Me





Soul's Rhythm

Infinite Journey

Heart of Compassion

Labyrinth of Love

To Have & To Hold

From the Bottom of His Heart

From the Bottom of Her Heart

Two Heart Rhythm Dance

Hidden Rhythm Celebration

Music of My Heart

Abundance in Bloom

Heart to Heart

Love Connection

Two Heart Tango



Coure del Toscano

2 Heart Splash Dance II


Bursting Blue

True Blue Love

Bella Amore'
'Living Love' - Green heart with world & hearts on purple background by Debbie Marie Arambula
Living Love

Open Hearted

Pop Hearts

Flower Collection

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English Rose Square Triptych

English Rose Triptych

English Rose

rebirth of the sunflower III

Regalo del Girasole'

il Destino del Amore'

Rebirth of the Sunflower III
sunflower magic
Sunflower Magic

"Breath of Love" - Canvas Flower Art - Debbie Marie Arambula

Breath of Love

Rebirth of the Rose II

Rebirth of the Sunflower II

Summer Sunflower IV

Renaissance de la Pivoine

Rebirth of the Rose I
rebirth of the sunflower I
Rebirth of the Sunflower I
smmer sunflower III
Tuscan Sunflower

New Beginnings

Rebirth of the Poppies

tuscan sunflower
Summer Sunflower III

Peace & Love Collection

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Not Forgotten


Inner Peace

Passionate Peace

Peaces of a Dream

Peaces of a Dream


Peaces of my Heart

Peaces of Love



Poetry - Collage Collection

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Perfect Blend


Good Life

Perfect Blend

I Like My Love Notes

Pure Joy


Pure Joy

Live your Dream


Good Life

Live your Dream

I Like My Love Notes