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Canvas Flower Art Collection

Most of my flowers are painted with my fingers and hands on large canvases. Self-taught, I see no harm in creating paintings with my hands. It gives me a deeper, more direct connection to how I feel, like a special retreat in my soul. It is my special gift to you to give you a life-force energy that comes from painting with my hands and my heart, kind of a rebirthing sensation.

New Beginnings

Rebirth of the Rose II

Rebirth of the Poppies

"Breath of Love" - Canvas Flower Art - Debbie Marie Arambula

Breath of Love

Rebirth of the Sunflower III

Summer Sunflower IV


Sunflower Magic

Summer Sunflower III

Tuscan Sunflower

Rebirth of the Sunflower II

Rebirth of the Rose I

Rebirth of the Sunflower I