Debbie has been interviewed extensively by the press and media nation wide to an estimated 10 million people. Seen on NBC and ABC affiliates in major West Coast cities, KRON TV, Entertainment Magazine, Good Day Sacramento, Good Morning Scottsdale, Fox 5 in Las Vegas, ABC, NBC, Newstalk 550 Arizona Radio. Debbie is featured in Decor Magaizine, Romantic Homes Magazine-National, SF Chronicle, LA Times, San Jose Mercury News, Homes by the Sea, and dozens of others. Here is a sampling of TV interveiws and rare footage of her private art studio. You can see more on YOUTUBE.

Spread the Love Campaign

Helen talks about what "Hearts" mean for her.

Debbie in East Hampton
Debbie in East Hampton, NY

Debbie on KRON Channel 4, SF

Debbie on "Best of the Bay"
Debbie's Gallery Tour
Debbie's First Gallery Tour

Rachele talks about what "Hearts" do for her home.