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Debbie Marie Arambula
Inspiring the World through Art since 1960

In July of 1960, in Tucson, Arizona, a true ‘Heartist’ was born! From the moment she could stand, Debbie began to see the world thru the Arts.

As a performing artist at the age of 3, Debbie began her career of bringing smiles to the hearts of many, while winning 1st place in a Baby Beauty contest at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose, California. It was this experience, while on this stage, that ignited her life’s purpose of bringing more happiness to the World.

By five, she made her first piece of art for her family using scraps of heart-shaped tissue paper on recycled wood. It was in kindergarten that she announced her epiphany that she wanted to be an artist. It was this very moment the true Heart artist was born.

At seven, dance and music became her muses for self- expression. With several dance performances under her feet, from convalescent homes to fairgrounds, she discovered that performing on stage brought a multitude of happiness to a huge number of people all at the same time! This realization was the fuel that would turn her life into a work of passion. 

Growing up in the lush open fields of Almaden Valley, Santa Clara County, where cherry blossom trees lined the expressways and apricot trees were in your own backyard, nature was a constant source of inspiration for her creative side, giving birth to poetry, music & dance, deep in her soul. Summers were spent in Wine County with her grandparents & adored cousins in Santa Rosa, California. She was constantly encouraged by her adored grandmother and artist. Debbie gave painting a try, tapping into to her life’s passion that would not fully bloom until after she married her soul mate and gave birth to the greatest pieces of art she has ever created to date, her three children.

At the age of 36, with 350 multi-cultural dance and singing performances under her feet and while on a Caribbean cruise doing a self-discovery class to enhance her life, she unburied her deepest treasure: her passion for dancing, with her hands, fingers & paint brushes on canvas. Her life’s calling had come full circle and she discovered what she was always meant to be, a painter of love.
Today, affectionately known by her collectors as “The Heart Artist”, Debbie’s energetic use of exuberant colors create emotionally filled, masterful paintings that uplift, inspire and bring smiles to the faces of people, Worldwide. Debbie’s paintings express a whimsical wanderlust of emotions that elevate the soul and celebrate life, speaking to people of all ages and cultures.

Debbie has been commissioned by 1000’s of people around the world, and is best known for her signature-style Heart Portraits, wherein she captures the essence of the soul of couples, families and individuals, celebrating their life, passions and dreams, thru the eyes of ‘The Heart Artist’, on canvas! These original, one-of-a-kind paintings are unlike any other artist of her time.

Contemporary Master of Color and award winning painter of love, Debbie Marie Arambula art is collected internationally. Interviewed extensively by the press and media Nationwide, to an estimated 33 million people she has been seen on NBC & ABC affiliates in major West Coast cities, KRON TV in San Francisco, Entertainment Magazine, Good Day Sacramento, Good Morning Scottsdale, Fox 5 in Las Vegas, Newstalk 550, Arizona Radio. And featured in Romantic Homes Magazine - National, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Las Vegas Review, Pleasanton Weekly, Boulder City Register, Napa Valley Register, San Jose Mercury News, Homes by the Sea, Décor Magazine and dozens of others.

Debbie Marie Arambula ~ The Heart Artist

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